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Yun Gee Bradley

Yun Gee Bradley is a Paper Artist from Portland, OR. USA.

She uses 100% paper and glue for all her creation. No paint or pen.  Paper is her paint and brush.

" I know it sounds strange but I fall in love with Hanji. Hanji means Korean Paper.

When I work with hanji I became intimate with this paper so much that I know it’s temperament and it tells me which way is best to shape and lay it on or tells me what it does not like.

It’s so soft but also quite tough. Both character that I love about my friends.

Process of using tweezer to pull each strain of paper to create out line or shape’s little by little and watch it taking shape is so meditative and I never felt this much joy like when I am working on paper.

I will continue to keep making Hanji art and discover more about Hanji. And hope that we will have this love affair for long long time."

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