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Upcycled - Recycled - Repurposed

Ecological footprint, less plastic, electric cars, ride a bike,no use of chemicals...and there's much more to do to keep our Planet alive as long as possible. One of the most creative thing you can do is to rethink your wardrobe. Stop for a minute before putting your unwanted clothes to the garbage bin or donate them or simply before you buy a new T-Shirt or dress. Maybe there's a way to decorate, transform the old ones and wear and love them for couple of more years.

In our selection you'll find 'Folt Bolt style' examples, such as the bohemian and colourful way...but there are countless websites and blogs to find inspiration.

Find some of them at the bottom of this page in the 'useful links' section.

If you rather buy theses beautiful creations, (last time before you make your own! :) ) just click on the images below and you'll be navigated to that shop! Think - Create - and wear it proudly!

Fleurs Boheme

Painterly whimsy linen jacket for the artsy boho mood.

It has been hand dyed uneven shades of various greens- turquoise green, teal, sage, moss, pistachio, lime.. and reworked with lots of intricate details to discover.

by Fleurs Boheme

Amber Studios

A unique medium warm refashioned sweater coat with style straight out of a fairy tale is handcrafted from repurposed mixed fibers knits, vintage fabrics and embellished with applique and felted flowers by Amber Studios

Marta Lelek

Ethno hippie boho folk embroidered denim jeans recycled hip bag. Made from recycled denim jeans and folk fabrics by Marta Lelek

Star Wear

OOAK dress with hand crocheted top and denim bottom by Star Wear

Scarlet Sometimes

OOAK customised denim jacket which just oozes crochet goodness by Alfie Fulljames


One of a kind, 100% recycled wow! This statement coat will turn a lot of heads with the brilliant colors against a black background by Emme Vi Elle

Irina Bohemian Dance

Altered couture velvet jacket embellished with :vintage silk sari trims,tattered trims,vintage embroidered trims,lace,hand made silk flowers by Irina Bohemian Dance

Useful Links: WORLD WEAR PROJECT - about textile recycling

INSIDER - before-after article about an everyday woman who transformes old clothes into trendy outfits. KATE NOWLAND DRESSES

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