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Sunmandalas by Je

My name is Judit Szabó and I work as a graphic artist. "Je" is my nickname. I've been painting mandalas for many years. This is my hobby, I love them. But what is the mandala? Mandala is originally an ancient, general sacred symbol. It spans across continents, it could have been found for thousand ages in many cultures since the caveman till nowadays. Every mandala is unique and unrepeatable; shaping varies among cultures, although leading to the very same effect.

Mandalas are creating a bridge between material and spiritual world, respectively amongst higher dimensions. Mandalas are harmonizing space by their powerful purifying ability, making our home more peaceful and calm, comfortable. It has a direct effect on our loved ones, even on our animals and plants within our environment. It symbolizes the whole universe, the circle of life, the harmony, the growth, all concealed within.

With it's mystical symbols it doesn't just charm us, it liberates magical power and precious energies from the universe through these channels. Mandalas are excellently suitable for compressing ancient knowledge, sacred geometrics and millennial, magical symbols - used in an appropriate way- and for reactivating these energies nowadays. They say if we sit in front of a mandala with silenced mind, focusing to the center of it, we could get into a higher level of consciousness, where an unknown world unfolds its door to us.

My favorite symbol is Sun, flower of Life, seed of Life, Moon and Spirals. Those ancient symbols give the center of my mandalas. I create my mandalas on birch-wood base as squire, rectangle or circle formation. Diameter length is minimum 20 centimeters to 1,5 meter ; above 60 centimeter square shaped pictures are framed for better stiffen. I thread the smaller ones on sennit with colorful wooden pearls. I'm painting with acrylic paint and special acrylic contour, therefore it gets convex- respectively using glass and wooden "lenses" too sometimes.

I'm trying hard getting my mandalas to radiate harmony, to have consonant and harmonic colors, to be less glaring, rather soft and nature-minded. But there is much more interesting information about my mandalas colors and symbols on my site.

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