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Sofia Paschou

I was born and bred in Chalandri, a Northern suburb of Athens, Greece.

After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, Dept. of Interior Αrchitecture, Decorative Arts & Design, Athens University of Applied Sciences, followed by studies in schenography for T.V studios in the UK, I worked in interior design for many years.

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The economic crisis in Greece caused my work to diminish and at the same time my personal life also changed dramatically.

I started making jewelry when, fulfilling a personal necessity, I was exploring new areas of expressing myself.

Encountering needle weaving was a critical point in my work which led me to the decision to devote myself exclusively to the study and development of handwoven jewelry.

Growing up in a family that loves folk art, appreciation for and inspiration from this art genre came quite naturally.

Most of my designs derive from textiles, blankets and woven clothes produced at the end of the 19th century in Peloponnese, in the South of Greece and in Attika, in the Central mainland.Music, nature and art also influence and inspire my work.

I use different thread qualities and materials such as linen, cotton, silk and wool.

These materials are interwoven on a tiny self-improvised loom, which makes every piece of my jewelry unique and original. Threads are weaved in colorful wraps, creating hand–woven textiles that embrace the body.

The process itself allows me to always discover something new, which excites me deeply.

Selected exhibitions:

  • “A jewel made in Greece” Zappeion, Athens February 2017,

  • “Treasure Island”, Art Space / Studio 265 / Parikia, Paros, September 2016,

  • Participation in Art-Athina 2016 under the platformAJMIG,

  • “A jewel made in Greece” Technopolis, Gazi, February 2016,

  • “Myths 2015” in gallery Weltraum in Munich, Germany, March 2015, an exhibition in the context of Schmuck 2015, www.myths2015.de,

  • “ Talisman” gallery EleniMarneri in Athens, December 2014,

  • “ Islam” in the center of new Ceramic Arts in Athens, June 2014.

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