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Sehnaz Bac - I Sassi Dell'Adriatico

Hello, My name is Sehnaz Bac I am an artist working in a variety of media; watercolor, acrylics, ink, but mostly known by my Painted stones. I live in a small Italian city, near Adriatic Sea . I was born in İstanbul, I am an archeologist also, worked on excavations as Ephesos, Sardis and Symrna. After a long war with Lymphoma, I won and I understood that every day of our life is a present to us, and i created a world for me , full of colors, good energies, nature and serenity with my paintings, drawings and my Adriatic Stones.

My curiosity and my imagination inspires me always for trying new styles, designs and creations. My works are always stylized because my colors and designs are from my inner world.

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