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Sabina Recek Korenchan - Fimo Fantazija


My name is Sabina and I am a self-taught polymer clay artist from Slovenia, where I live with my husband, daughter and son.

I am creative, cheerful and curious, with dramatically contrasting and fabulously dreamy personality, such as the art produced under my skilful fingers.

I create unique jewellery under the brand named Fimo fantazija.

My children inherited a gift for art and are great helpers and also a well of inspiration and ideas.

My daughter Klara is my model and demanding “first user”.

My son Rok, a student of School for Design and Photography, gives youthful challenge and joy to my art, while the inspiration for my work comes mostly from nature and everything that surrounds us - with a touch of my fantasy.

Every piece I make is entirely handmade and unique; I use many different techniques and enhance the colours of polymer with mica powders and glitters.

I combine colourful elements of polymer clay with other decorative pieces: strings, various beads, Miyuki pearls, Czech crystals, leather, silk ribbons and different metal elements.

I started designing when I was in high school and wanted to study design but due to circumstances I wasn't able to follow that artistic call. Over the years this passion evolved in many forms and colourful shapes as creating things has been a pleasure, a need and great way to relax. Now I am dedicated to jewellery from polymer clay, but in addition I also create from other mediums, I design, draw and paint - both on paper as well as on textiles, constantly exploring new materials and techniques.

Usually working late afternoons and evenings when I come from work and dreaming of working as an artist full time.

PC story started more than ten years ago while researching materials and encountered polymer clay. Curious as I am I began experimenting with it. And more I worked with polymer more unusual and interesting creations were formed.

A constant phase of exploration and learning is the cause that gives especially magical character to my art work today.

I find polymer great medium with no limits, offering new designs, new challenges and new techniques to discover.

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