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Ria Paramita

Hi, my name is Ria Paramita, I’m an Indonesian crafter who currently living in Japan. I like to craft whilst my daughter goes to school and my husband goes to work, during that time I usually explore new designs or learn new techniques. Every progress that I’ve made were documented on Instagram.

Before I decided that I would focus more on hand embroidery, I have had experimented with several techniques of knitting, such as crochet, sewing, paper cutting, embroidery, needle punch, and hand weaving. But then I found out that hand stitching was the most relaxing activity. The slow process of hand stitch helped me to de-stress and lift my mood booster.

It also because of big influenced from my mother. The earliest stitching memory I had was when my mother had made a beadwork applique on my black velvet dress for my big brother's wedding. On the collar area, she stitched a full seed beads and gold sequins. I felt like the prettiest girl in the party because of the dress ;p. Afterward, I asked her to teach me on how to embroider. I remembered my first embroidery project was cross stitch and needle punch that we bought the kit from the local market.

A small trip to our local market during the weekend to pick up some yarns, buttons, fabrics, and lace was our weekly routine. It conjured a cherishable memory and influenced me to love the same thing just as she does.

The personalized family portrait doll idea had dawned on me, after I read the Embroidered Portraits book by Jan Messent, I fell in love with it almost instantly, with her soft sculpture technique, embroidery, and embellishment details. The combination of embroidered portrait technique with the current trend of family portrait illustration had become my basic source of my concept of my hand embroidered family portrait doll. Those my family portrait dolls are my best seller items on my Etsy shop.

I also inspired by Adriana Torres’s works. The way she combined crochet technique and hand embroidery really opened my eyes on how embroidery can be presented. Her color combinations and character designs influenced many of my embroidery works and dolls. Each of my dolls now always has a textures on it either using crochet technique or hand embroidery.

Last, I always amazed with Japanese crafter attention to the details, they could turn something ordinary to something very attractive by simply adding tiny details. I've observed that many Japanese designs had gotten its influence by other cultures yet it does it so creatively that the essence of Japanese had never gotten lost in the mix. Most people would recognize any handmade items that were crafted by Japanese crafter.

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