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In my paintings I make an effort to keep the balance of Earth and Sky.

Painting is the most perfect way of self-expression for me,as it has a transcendent and spiritual nature as well as a material one. The canvas, the wood-fibre and the paint are the materialisation of a visualised inner and outer perspective, a spiritual idea.

My aim is to give birth to balanced paintings in which

I emphasize an equal male and female principle and I attempt to combine my technical knowledge with spirituality. Sense and intuition hand in hand, as methods contribute greatly to my creativity. The third force, the ’superior blessing’ which supports the painting’s harmonious creation has an uncontrollable influence on the creator.

After many years of still-lives and object portrayals,

I turned to human, flower and plant character portraits. A living contact with the models is important to me; the process of their presentation on my canvas is some kind of a cooperative, meditative rendezvous with them.

Effort to maintain balance, to seek harmony and to find the most appropriate colours of living sunshine is

a key-motive in my work. I have a special relationship with flowers and plants. They belong to two worlds at the same time: they represent both Earth and Sky. By being aethereal they are connected to the Sky and with their roots they cling deep unto the Earth, that is why these roots can be found and seen on my paintings, even it is „unnatural”. This duality, that I am so much enchanted by, is what I would like to ’picture’ with the traditional means of painting.

The strong, arousing colours of draperies my models are surrounded by are to emphasise the sense-driven material world, while the petals and the leaves symbolize the aethereal part of it. As a painter, I must capture the tension of potential of movements that is always hidden in the seemingly static standstill of plants.

My latest works are watercolours born from the magic of the moment, giving room to intuition and serendipity. While taking on a shape, I let the material „whisper” to me what motives and forms are just about to be born. By using the healing, energising or soothing power of colours, I try to paint pictures that elevate us from the greyness of everyday treadmill and ooze passion for life as well as joy.

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