• by Folt Bolt

Quirky Ceramic Animals

Pure fun! Good sense of humor and incredible talent that makes these ceramic creatures adorable.

Each of them is unique and has a strong personality. Our current selection is only the top of the 'iceberg' there are many more to discover...we are on it ;) Clicking on the images you'll be navigated to that artist. It's always worth to visit their sites! Enjoy!

Bat figurines by Nastia Calaca

'White Hare' by Nakotaki Ceramics

'Pink fish' by Inna Olshansky

'A woman selling fish' by Blagovesta Makedonska

Cat Candle holder by Vadim Artykov

'Cats in the pram' by Dorota Urbaniak-Pelka

'Toy Horse' by Izabel Nemechek-Moynova

Ceramic Pug Planter by Barrutando Team

'Ceramic Rabbits riding a sidecar motorcycle'

by Peter Salamon Molnar

Dog ceramicpanel by Sergey Gerasimenko

Anglerfish by Sergey Gerasimenko

'Frida' ceramic panel by Julia Kuznetsova

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