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Orsi Mild

Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt

I am a Hungarian-Swedish painter. For me it was always natural to have paintings on the walls at home. I developed my love for art very early in my life. I studied art and I got an art history degree in 2001. I've had a lot of solo exhibitions but also group exhibitions in Sweden, in Hungary and in other countries in Europe. I am also an author of children stories. I am a member of Swedish Art Community, of Hässelby-Vällingby Art Community and of the Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden. I am a board member of Hässelby-Vällingby Art Community.

Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt


Painting is something I see as a need to be able to live life full to its fullest extent. To create something is an opportunity to learn about the world and yourself. It is a continuous development and it is very funny, too. I've never called it a hobby. In my free time, I do other things. Painting is something extra. It is something that raises the quality of life. A luxury.

Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt


The ideas come suddenly. I often paint everyday situations. I paint only animals who behave like humans. Various animals. We are also different as people and my desire is that we all can live in peace and accept each others as we are. The childish style showing simple situations is often perceived as naive. But I work quite systematically compared to the naive artists. I plan the colors very well and also the composition. There will obviously be some changes while creating the painting but just like the technology itself, the theme is also well structured. I call it systematic 'naivism'.

Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt


The forms are very powerful. The acrylic paint is perfect for the realisation of my ideas. I feel that my pictures are a reflection of myself: colourful, wry sense of humour, sometimes suggestive, with strict boundaries. I want to bring colour and joy to the viewer and to myself. I also think that an artist has to be creative to showcase their art. The whole time I seek solutions and opportunities to showcase my paintings that are loved by children and adults. With my Orsi Mild Art profile photos I want to show a device: I am my painting and my art is me. There are often ironic and funny pictures.

Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt

'Budapest I'

Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt


Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt

'Mont Saint Michelle'

Orsi Mild on Folt Bolt

'Master Mikaels Street'

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