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Orit Harpaz - Weirdoh Birds

I’ve been a visual artist and photographer for the last 25 years. I’ve always loved birds, their ability to fly, their colorful feathers, their sounds and songs. My fascination with them led me to pick up a Sharpie pen and paper, sit at my kitchen table for hours late into one night drawing birds – not real birds but imaginary, fantastical birds. They were each strange, unique and beautiful. A metaphor for the human species. The aviary world quickly became my source of creative inspiration. I shared the drawings with a friend who fell in love with them and had them screen printed on napkins. Everyone who came over and sat at our dining table fawned over them. Having my funky, weird bird art bring joy to others was where the idea of creating my own business began. Weirdoh Birds was first hatched in 2016.

Seeing the bird drawings as something more than a form of meditation, relaxation and expression was a big step for me. Taking them off the paper, digitizing them and creating designs was a new way of seeing my art come to life. Working with colors, shapes and proportions brought a new dimension to the birds and their possibilities. In 2018, I met Greg Herman, a fashion designer, who fell in love with my drawings. He had the vision of putting them on wallpaper. We collaborated on designing the first line of Weirdoh Wallcoverings. The idea of sharing Weirdoh Birds with the world, people wanting the designs in their spaces, on their walls and in their homes got me excited and kept my momentum going. The line of home goods currently includes wallcoverings, linens and throw pillows as well as a limited edition of tote bags. More unique creations will be added soon.

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