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Olga Knezevic

I am an artist from Serbia...in love with oil painting. Started this exciting artistic journey, as a painter, in 2010. I have been attending classes at private school of classical painting, for about 5 years, and participating in various collective exhibitions in my country, so far.

In my work I want to highlight beauty that I notice in the world, by using bright, vivid and warm colors, emphasizing lovely details and imperfections...

I am usually inspired by scenes from nature that I feel an emotional connection with, and my approach is always honest.

I constantly learn, explore and try to improve my technique, or to approach differently... Sometimes just by observing paintings of well known authors in museums...

My paintings, so far, have found their new homes at private collections in Serbia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand.

I have small atelier and big inspiration, so don't hesitate to help me to make space for new paintings!

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