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Noemi Uberhardt /N-dizajn

N - dizajn by Folt Bolt

I am Noémi (N-dizájn) from Budapest, Hungary.

I have always been very craftsy: summer painting camps, after-school knitting and pottery classes throughout my childhood. My first attempt at creating designer accessories also goes back to my early years.

I was 13, when I decided to make a handmade scarf tying together all sorts of yarn and thread-bits, adding beads and other shiny odds and bits I could get my hands on.

It was quite a unique piece and I was very proud to show it off during a class visit to the Parliament building next day.


I started working with glass 12 years ago and what started out as just yet a new hobby, soon grew into a passionate love affair with glass. I am an interpreter by profession so for about a decade I only immersed in this newly-found joy in my free time, creating stained glass objects at first, and then moving swiftly on to mosaic pieces, since I found the flexibility and freedom offered by this new technique more liberating and adventurous and more in line with my personal style.


Last year I decided I would start devoting more of my time to my passion and try to make it into my second and maybe eventually my primary profession. I was thinking of making more mosaic objects but around the same time, I started making nuno-felted scarves and jewellery pieces for myself as a new adventure.

Making jewellery was never meant to become a whole new passion but quite unexpectedly, it did and did so almost overnight. Once I started, there was no stopping me. I made and started wearing my first stud earrings, rings and pendants, and suddenly my friends started ordering them and then friends of friends looked me up to get my artwork, and strangers in the street stopped me to inquire about the jewellery I was wearing and that was it, there was no stopping.

Designing jewellery has opened a whole new world for me: I get to express myself through colours and shapes and I love every minute of it. My pieces come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, no two pieces are alike. I love variety and diversity and what really gets me going is following my inspiration and creating new designs all the time, so I never make identical pieces.

My pieces reflect my passionate love for vivid, contrasting colours and the mosaic technique I enjoy so much. The fact that more and more people also now find joy in looking at my artwork and wearing my pieces is certainly a significant added value and makes me immensely happy but it is the process of dreaming up and breathing life into my designs that gives me the kind of pleasure I cannot even begin to describe.

If you love colours and want to stand out, wearing unique, one-of-a-kind accessories, you’ll love my creations.

Come and have a look.

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