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Nikki is a visual artist and creative practitioner. Born in London in 1970 now living and working in Devon, England, with her husband and two grown children.

From a very early age, Nikki has always explored creative avenues passionately; through various mediums, although she has had a particular fascination with transparency. 'I am fascinated by the trans-formative effects of light, internally and externally'. Partially self-taught, she studied with the Open University in the 1990's. 'Two of my favourites were the History of Art and the Science of colour'.

She has been teaching herself Mosaic and Fused glass, laser cuting and design over the last 10 years. Nikki's Ingenuity and style is somewhat visionary and she is developing some ground breaking techniques that are becoming recognised worldwide.

A trained florist for a number of years in and around London producing cutting edge and artistic flower displays. This foundation gave her a strong understanding about design and form. Nikki was also a portrait artist during this period and continues to produce figurative work.

Specialising in Organic Sculpture, Illuminations, Hybrid Art, Neon lights, Painting & furniture design. Nikki is studio based & sells her 

work online internationally and nationally.

"My evolving hybrid work is based across various mediums, specialising in mixed media mosaic, fused glass, painting and sculpture, harnessing natural and electric light through interactive installations and site specific based artworks focusing on, form, surface texture, intensity and colour. I am interested in crossing barriers between materials, concepts and manipulating the effects of light through transparent materials. 

My work is drawn from observation and experience, science and nature, with emphasis on transformation, perception and the subconscious mind. I am fascinated by the meditative state I feel when in the natural world, a loss of self or what science calls the “super-conscious mind’. It appears that in modern society these moments are fleeting, I fear our connection with nature is becoming obscure. My work evolves in commentary, poetry and sketching, I then utilise these for design and inspiration in my artwork. "

"I am inspired by Organic shapes, rhythm, pattern, geometry & undulating forms, resonating with creative dreams & visions that need to be expressed. All of these I use to create parallels from the spectrum of human emotions, via artistic experimental and serendipitous moments. I am continuously in awe and wonderment of the world.

I am a keen environmentalist most of my work is ethically sources or recycled."

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