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Natasa Sehi

My name is Natasa I come from the small, yet very charming town of Bitola, Macedonia from artisan family. In my early age my main activity were playing with clay and painting and at the age of 7, I knew knitting and embroidering.

I am currently based in the country's capital - Skopje where I live and make jewellery.

My interests have shifted over the years but one thing that has always been a great part of my life is my love for creativity.

Whether it was painting on canvas,sewing, knitting, embroidering or decorating my daughter's room, my mission has always been to brighten up somebody's day with my art. After years of experimenting with colors and materials, everything I learnt has culminated into my jewellery. I put all of my love and experience into my craft and nothing brings me more joy than sharing it with the world.

I believe that each one of my pieces will only truly shine when you wear it. I can't wait to see how it will look on you!

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