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Natalie Wargin

I am a graphic designer turned painter. I studied graphics at the University of Illinois and had a studio in Chicago for over twenty years. I worked with both corporate and non-profit clients, designing for product and print. After a move to upstate New York I found myself in a completely different environment. Concrete and high rises gave way to woodland and farmland and mountains. I fell in love with the landscape and all the birds and animals that would literally cross my path. Deer, wild turkeys, coyotes, skunks, fishers, black bears, foxes gray and red, herons, owls. I began painting still lives and landscapes with watercolors and acrylics. I believe my images are a faithful, heartfelt representation of what I see here in the Hudson Valley. But in addition to wanting to document this area, I also hope to offer a timely reminder of the beauty we can lose if we're not careful. A reminder of our responsibility to care for the land and the creatures around us.

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