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Michelle Mischkulnig

I am passionate about my art work. My life revolves around colour, texture and joy. I believe our lives should be filled with as much laughter and happiness as we can capture.

I am an Australian textile artist who is totally absorbed in my art. When I create my textile art works it is from the heart and each piece is a reflection of my life.

I hand paint many of my fabrics, my passion is silk. I love the way silk resonates colour, I love its drape and luster. I collect hand dyed fibres, yarns, threads and fabrics. From my collection I carefully select complimentary papers, ribbons, chords and embellishments to enhance my work. I am lucky enough to be the owner of three beautiful 33 year old Bernina sewing machines and a new Juki.

I use these machines mainly in free motion stitching which enables me to tell a story through my art work

My inspiration is my life and I strongly believe that our time on this earth is short so we should fill each day with as much joy as is gifted to us. I adore the change of seasons which I watch from my studio window, the colours and textures change. Sweet spring breezes, cooling turquoise waters of summer, twirling swirling leaves in Autumn that tickle the souls of your feet and Winters soft greys and mauves with stark tree branches contrasting against soft blue skies. Each season has its life which draws differing emotions from us.

I start each day early in my studio allowing what I create to flow organically, I don't believe in rules but just to create from the heart. There are always new techniques to learn and new materials to try. My head is a buzz with so many ideas that at times my hands can't keep up. I feel I am privileged to be a visual artist and hope that what I share brings pleasure to others.

I have sent my work all over the world and have had 17 solo exhibitions and many group ones. Each exhibition is a challenge to be met with new ideas and techniques.

I always accept commissions and sell my work from select Galleries in Victoria Australia. I would love to find an international outlet.

I am very happy to share my artistic journey with you and hope you enjoy a selection of my work.

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