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Marishka Shevchuk - MARISCAPES

Mariscapes by Folt Bolt

Hi, I am Marishka - a Ukrainian-American-Polish self-taught artist with endless bouts of creative ideas.

Born in Ukraine (back when it was part of the USSR), I went to study English in Poland, then gained valuable experience in the USA, and finally settled down in Poland.

Ever since I can remember, I was interested in arts & crafts, especially in painting. At the age of 12 I invented my own painting technique (inspired by French pointillism).

Check it out on my FB page (in “Landscapes” and “Castlescapes” albums)!

Since 2011 I’ve been designing & creating original fiber jewelry for people who love life with all its colors. I play with colors & textures, wrap, knit, crochet and create whatever tickles my imagination (or whatever you would like me to create).

Just ask me about matching a necklace to your favorite bag or dress!

Originally my inspiration came from Maasai beaded jewelry which I wanted to “translate” into yarn (giving it a softer, more Western, or even Slavic, look). And that’s how my famous “masajka” (Polish for “Maasai girl”) necklaces were born.

They immediately became popular among fashion bloggers and even inspired others to make similar pieces.

What makes these necklaces unique is not only my interpretation of folk elements/colors but also great attention to detail and high quality of craftsmanship.

Most of my pieces are custom orders, created to match specific color needs of my clients.

Remember, no two necklaces are 100% alike even if they are made out of the same materials and each one is as unique as its happy owner. The best thing is that “masajka” necklaces can be either casual, fun, sportive, modest, wild or elegant, perfect for different occasions and seasons.

Discover my colorful Maasai-inspired yarn necklaces with a Slavic twist (and other works) that have already won the hearts of ladies age 5-65 all over the world!

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