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Mandy Budan

My name is Mandy Budan and I am a visual artist from Ontario, Canada.

I spend a lot of time looking at the way light and colour come together to form the landscape. I take things apart so I can put them back together emphasizing important rhythms and patterns. My paint is applied with care to bring life to the shapes and the way they interact.

Edges are crisp and surfaces opaque and I love to use expressive, vibrant color to create work that reads as abstraction up close and realism from a distance.

Just as we take apart the natural world to reform it into our homes and businesses, I take apart the landscape to highlight the beauty within it. I am always striving for balance - balance between abstraction and realism, between industry and nature, between painting as a physical object and as a remembered moment in time.

I hope you enjoy these landscapes as much as I do creating them.

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