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Manami Lingerfelt

Baby Star

Today, my work is drawn from the many places I have experienced. The spiritual energy in me is expressed on my canvas. I feed off of that expressive energy and my artwork begins to take on organic shapes and movement. I am physically and emotionally involved with my art, and I move with the colours and shapes.

Nature, the human condition, and the mystical aspect of the world around me are consistently reflected in my art, and strive to express positive energy.

Umbrella City

Manami Yagashiro Lingerfelt was born in Japan. She began her art career in Tokyo, Japan as a graphic designer and illustrator with major magazines and newspapers.

From 1987-1997, dwelling briefly in places such as India, Nepal, Sweden and other parts of Asia and Europe. She now calls Dallas, Georgia, (U.S) home since 2002 and has produced many paintings.

She has been featured in exhibits in both the United States and Japan and is a continuing presence at art shows and in publications. For several years, Manami has been enthusiastically working the arts circuit in Atlanta, Georgia. Her artworks are lyrical and mystical, and they possess a universal appeal.

Ultimately, her mission is to provide a glimpse of the joyous beauty of life and to spread this happiness to the world as one community.

Somewhere in the middle

Riverside Street

Foot Light

Inside Story

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