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Louise O'Hara - DrawntoStitch

Louise O'Hara by Folt Bolt

My name is Louise O'Hara, I am a mixed media artist working under the name of DrawntoStitch. I create work from my studio at home in the heart of Cheshire, England.

Within my work I use a combination of hand painted and dyed layers to create intricate collages, I like to combine rich tactile surfaces of fabrics, paper, machine and hand stitch as well as vintage and discarded items which I collate to create complex and intricate mixed media pieces.

I spend days gathering papers and fabrics and dying them with a combination of inks and paints in an explosion of colour ways, these are then stored and ready to use when the time is right. When I start to build my mixed media pieces I often produce small collections in similar colour combinations, one week maybe spring and another week maybe the colours of autumn

My work has been described as quintessentially English, romantic and nostalgic. My work explores the richness of light, the colour and the texture that I see around me.

Often focusing on rugged northern landscapes with brooding skies and lighter coastal scenes that are based on the memory of a place or a childhood holiday.

Each piece I produce is usually made from a collection of places which I have visited both as a child and more recently as an adult.

I don’t want the viewer to be anchored to one place but, instead, reminisce about many memories and experiences they have had themselves.

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