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Liz Thoresen

My life-long creative pursuit has been a source of contrast and discovery. One of the things I most enjoy about creating is not being able to predict an outcome.  My landscapes might begin with a preconceived idea of what the end result “should” look like and I become the observer as the painting unfolds into its own interpretation. Other times, my abstracts unveil themselves unannounced. 

I allow color, texture, line, shape, pattern, and scale to dictate its own direction. 

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I draw inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and the lighting unique to the area.  Ideas materialize from my response to conversations, quotations, man-made and natural shapes, from animals, humor, and yes, even exercise, where they are filed away in my imagination to emerge at a later time.

Painting with acrylics allows me the ability to layer paint and change direction on a whim.  The magic that happens when color blends on paper, canvas, or board excites me and leads me from painting to painting.   Starting a new canvas keeps me uncomfortable enough to not become complacent and keeps me moving forward.

'Before the Build'

'Autumn Mosaic'

'Evening Nectar'

'Focused on a Prayer'

'Matera Morning'

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