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Lisbeth Cort

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

Lisbeth Cort is an expressive painter whose work is full of joy, color, and a touch of whimsy.

Living in the colorful city of Santa Fe, NM supplies endless inspiration for her vibrant, contemporary watercolor art.

The nearby landscape, local flora, farmers markets, and historic buildings all provide rich subject matter when Lisbeth picks up her paintbrush.

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

Unlike more traditional watercolor work, Lisbeth’s paintings are distinguished by a lively mix of patterns, saturated colors and rich details.

She loves to combine watercolor, wax pastels, gouache and ink to present her subjects in joyful and lively ways. She’s known for her colorful florals and cactus, Southwest landscapes, and also coastal-themed work from her 15 years living on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

One buyer said: “I love the energy in this painting. It’s like you captured laughter!”

Putting a smile on her buyers’ faces is Lisbeth’s goal, especially during these difficult times.

Lisbeth says: “I’ve been told that I paint ‘happy.’

I can’t think of a better compliment.”

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

Lisbeth work is collected internationally and has been shown in several galleries, juried and solo shows in New Mexico and Washington.

She opens her studio each year for the Santa Fe Studio Tour in June and by appointment throughout the year.

A list of upcoming exhibitions, galleries, and a link to her online shop can be found on her website.

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

Lisbeth Cort on Folt Bolt

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