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Linnea Pergola

Linnea Pergola

I am an artist with patrons across the United States and Europe. I have been in numerous shows and have won awards in group exhibitions.

The art world has taken me in many directions with many publishers, such as Martin Lawrence Galleries, CA and John Szoke Editions, NY.. My spirit of adventure comes to life through my paintbrush. I have travelled extensively worldwide, often to remote destinations, which has helped my art come to life. In 2018 I went to the Peruvian Amazon for the 7th time. I moved from France in 2015 where I lived for almost 2 years in a 700 year old house in Saint Antonin Noble Val.

I currently live in Clinton Corners, NY in an apartment in a horse barn.

Which is perfect because I love horses.

Linnea Pergola


Linnea Pergola

'Sky Dancer'

I love detailed work, whether it be in graphite, watercolors or silks. I often bring out the humorous side of life. Painting cityscapes is my signature stamp and that is how I began my art career with Martin Lawrence Galleries. I love painting commissions - cityscapes to landscapes. Often people send me photos of what they would like incorporated into their paintings.

Linnea Pergola

'Saint Antonin Noble Val,France'

Linnea Pergola

'I Love L.A.'

Linnea Pergola

'Portofino, Italy'

I was born in and grew up in Los Angeles, California.

I have a son, Vinnie Pergola who is in the popular EDM musical group, The Phantoms. From 1987 to 2012 I was an artist for Martin Lawrence Galleries, John Szoke Editions, Quality Fine Art Editions and most recently Galerie-F in Germany. Galerie-F is currently in the process of printing 15 new 3'd images of her artwork. All of these art publishers printed many serigraphs, giclees, posters and hand carved (all under 20") bi-planes, London busses and NYC taxis from Bali, They distributed my artwork worldwide as well as having art shows all over the US and Europe.

I taught silk painting in Peru and also on HGTV. I also currently have many popular images on wooden puzzles distributed by Liberty Puzzles.

Linnea Pergola

'Distant Memories'

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