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Laura Jacquemond - Blue Terracotta

Don't Accessorize! Accentuate!

Each time you clip a fabric insect in your hair or clasp a butterfly necklace around your neck, memories will cascade over you. Remember the untroubled days of childhood? (Well, they seem untroubled looking back!) Insects whirring by your ear, the rise and fall of the cicada song, butterfly hunting by day, firefly catching by night. I was dazzled the first time I spied a praying mantis in the grass when I was a child. Today, I’m still dazzled and inspired by real species, exotic as well as more common butterflies and insects, even endangered species. My fabric insects have all the realistic charm you can stand. No buzz, whir or sting, I promise! Exactly what you need to accentuate your outfit.

Style is important, yes. But not if it means harming the earth. You know very well that our big blue planet isn’t disposable, that’s why you’re playing for keeps. And that’s why I spend lots of time collecting sumptuous fabric leftovers and catalogs from upholsterers here in Lyon, France – fabrics that would otherwise end up in a landfill – to stitch up a menagerie of rare creatures. I make each pieces by hand in a very small series. Tiny sculptures for you to wear, little waste.

Discover butterfly collecting from a different perspective – no net required.

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