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Katja Main

"My name is Katja Main, I live in Tallinn (Estonia).

My main treasure is my family: my two sons, my husband and two of my cats.

Oh, and my lemon tree of course!

I had a spark for art my whole life. I was always drawing, sculpting, chipping and braiding something, but officially I changed my status to the professional only after my kids got older.

I graduated the Art School and got the proud name of the Artist.

A year ago I realized that I can draw not only with paints and pencils, but also with yarn, and this realization gave a new life to all my old art projects. 

So far I am enjoying it a great deal - my family even gave me a "mommy-spider" name, because I am always buried in yarn, and while I am working the rest of the world stops existing for me.

I hope it is just a new beginning of the next part of my wonderful journey!"

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