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Judith Logan

Judith Logan’s unique style has been described as a fusion of figurative, naive and Folk art genres, where both a narrative and decorative approach are equally important, with her love of vintage and retro objects and pattern often playing an integral part.

While the landscape and nature has always been a strong source of inspiration, lately the figure plays an increasingly significant role.

Judith’s paintings and drawings often portray the multiple, at times, complex roles that women embody: their strengths, weaknesses, fears, joys and sorrows. At times though, they are simply a portrait of everyday life: a walk with the dog, a lie down on the sofa, a quiet moment with a young child, or a cup of tea (and a heart to heart) with a good friend.

While the artist completed a Foundation Studies Diploma at The University of Ulster in 1995, with commendation, she ended up studying and working in languages, her other love, and lived in Chile for 9 years.

There, she started painting again as a hobby after a ten-year break. Her divided heart between the two countries she calls "home", and a sense of identity and belonging is also a common theme in her work.

Working in a variety of media, with watercolours and oils perhaps being her preferences, she is also currently exploring different avenues in printmaking, and really enjoys the creative process. For her, it is this diversity which helps to keep her work fresh. Since turning professional in 2011, Judith has been represented by several galleries in Northern Ireland and Dublin, exhibited in group shows in London and Birmingham, as well as the RUA’s 2014 exhibition in The Ulster Museum, Belfast, and has been shortlisted again this year. She is also a member of the UKCPS (United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society).

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