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Jessica Grady

Jessica’s textiles are a bold and tactile exploration of colour and pattern through hand stitching, watercolour painting and embellishment. She utilises unconventional materials, such as plumbing washers, electrical cables and cotton buds transforming them into new concepts.

She also enjoys combining processes together such as hand painted motifs coupled with highly textural hand stitching and beadwork. Her designs are a textural and visual feast for the viewer, combining saturated colour palettes, metallic accents and clusters of embellished treasure.

Hand embroidery is a skill that has deep rooted origins and Jessica enjoys using traditional stitches and distorting them so that they become a hybrid form of their roots – pulling embroidery into a more contemporary light.

Jessica’s inspiration is derived from macro views of surface details such as peeling paint, barnacles and rusting metal, and also from the natural beauty of living in the North Yorkshire moors. By taking the marks and patterns found on these surfaces Jessica initially creates layered imagery using resist techniques, and mark making – building up towards textures that can be interpreted into a stitched form.

She juxtaposes very feminine details with strong materials, colours and shapes to create unique surfaces. Her textiles provide a bold statement in any interior space.

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