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Jana Parmila Severin

My name is Jana Parmila Severin. I'm mother of two little girls and wife of my beloved Husband. I'm a self-taught artist, originally from Germany. I'm working here, at home in Bigastro, a little Village in the south of Spain.

I love to make fiber beads! They are made out of wire and yarn. The yarn is hand dyed, or hand spun by me or even hand spun and hand dyed by me. I hope you like them :)

I started spinning and working with yarn in the beginning of 2011. I have developed my own Handmade Wire-Fiber-Beads. Also I started making new Styles of Bracelets and Necklaces made with my hand spun Yarn.

I have the chance to do what I do and I take great pride of my work. My inspirations come from nature, colours, textures, people in my life, dreams....

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