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Ingrid Goff-Maidoff

When I was young, I was a singer/songwriter.  I married my college sweetheart and we lived for a while in Los Angeles.  I cut two albums and even performed on Star Search, but I didn't have the temperament for that world.  Then our first daughter, Rose, was born, and we high-tailed it back to the island where my family lives.  I come from a very artistic family, and I've always loved to make things with my hands.  I began creating books and gifts from a home studio. 

My first books were "Good Mother, Welcome," and "Simple Graces For Every Meal."  They were books I needed and could not find, so I wrote them.  All my work has a Universalist slant to it- spiritual, but more interested in our relationship with life than in religion.  Our daughter Bella was born, and I began selling my books and other offerings at the local summer artisan fairs.  My husband taught school, and could watch the kids in the summer while I did the shows.  

The inspiration for the gifts- the beautifully wrapped packages came from a dream I had, where I was visiting some magical mountainous realm, walking on a road lined with lush foliage and flowering trees and I found myself in a small shop filled with shelves of wrapped packages.  They had colorful labels and each seemed to hold an invitation for the imagination inside- though they might have been sugar, flour, salt...

Over the last (nearly thirty) years, my list of titles has grown, my poems are appreciated world-wide, and a number of galleries and retreat centers feature my gifts.  I love using Japanese Papers- they satisfy my need for beauty and color.  I love the transfer of energy and delight that is often palpable when people discover my work.  I am particularly aware of this at the artisan fairs.  I can feel a sort of effervescence begin to flow.  I think this is in part because my work is a testament to a world we all know is possible.  I also sense that by staying true to the spirit of what I am creating, it inspires others to follow their own creative inklings for birthing the beauty we are meant to birth.

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