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Imogen Skelley

I think in colour! Even when I was small, I would see words in colour and do maths in colour - somehow that is how I fixed things in my mind.

Looking back, I was never happier, never felt more like "me" than when I had a pencil, brush or coloured pen in my hand, and I was lucky enough to be brought up in an artistic, musical household where we were all encouraged to think and talk creatively and we all learnt to respect everyone's views and tastes.

Based in Britain, I gained my Fine Art degree at Wimbledon School of Art in the 1980s. Over the years I have been inspired by all sorts of subject matter but I am still happiest when I am painting my floral pictures - which are always square - and I have shaken off the preconception that a painting is either realistic or abstract - there are elements of both in my work - flat, tesselated patterns alongside 3D images with shading and perspective. Somehow it works!

I love the fact that people all over the world like what I create enough to buy it and have it in their homes and offices - it's a real compliment.

I am happy to welcome you to join me on my artistic journey!

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