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My name is Judit Sipos-Szabo and I live in San Diego, CA with my family. I've always liked to discover new fields of creativity. I just have to create. My latest love is glass fusing. Since I've got my own kiln I can't stop experimenting. I did photography, enamel, drawing, studied architecture, interior design, museum studies…and I always was fascinated by modern jewelry. It has become my passion.

I keep experimenting and learning new techniques in workshops, classes, from books, from the net, from artists. I'm taking jewelry classes in different media.

I make fused glass full time now - work for different home decor/design/hand made gift shops and I have two online stores.


I enjoy the whole process starting with sketching in my notebook or taking pictures. Anything can inspire me anytime! And I spend a whole lot of time doing research on my computer. I am fortunate to be able to travel a lot - I’m fascinated with the different cultures, the art in different countries, and the people with different dreams.



I'm an artisan who does jewelry and home decor - and I want to make this to my best abilities. I want to make everyday people's everyday a little happier in an affordable way. I believe that small things - a cheerful necklace, a beautiful serving plate - can make your day more pleasant. And if it is handmade you can be sure it was made with love, care, and thought.

I just do what and how I like to do. I set my standards and I do not make shortcuts. I definitely pay attention to other fused-glass jewelry artists, but I do not follow them. I have my own style. I do not compromise quality over quantity.


Every piece I create is one of a kind. If you buy my necklace you can be assured that there is no other one like that. I try to preserve my originality and I never stop coming up with fresh ideas and improve my craft. My taste is very “f usion" - I just like to combine the good stuff around me!:)

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