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Gill Cordiner

My approach to jewellery making is influenced by my training as a painter, I imagine images and forms than create them using whatever methods I can.

The reasons I love enamel are that it is the closest thing to painting in jewellery, the colours are rich, vibrant and glossy.  I love the way it changes as it melts.  Enameling is powdered glass and pigment that fuses to metal at high temperature, it’s been around since the dawn of civilisation and its enduring qualities are part of its appeal.

I use different skills but the same outlook as I do in my paintings – I’m inspired by colour, texture, the elements and composition. All my jewellery I see as 3 dimensional metal paintings.  The materials I use are silver, copper, brass and titanium. All the metals I use are recycled and as I make everything personally in my studio.  My impact on the environment is minimal.

My work changes and pushes me to move in lots of directions. I am driven by colour and nature and the exploration of the enamell medium.

I find that colour is my most prevalent inspiration, and I rarely work without the inclusion of it.

I am deeply drawn to the mythology of land and sea, by literature and stories swirling in my head.

My approach is not conventional I try to work in isolation,and achieve the most individual creation of my immagination that I can.

My work is constantly evolving and meandering and never really know what my outcomes will lead me to achieve.

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