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Este MacLeod

Este MacLeod is a painter and applied artist. Through her work Este reflects on the sentiments and nostalgia surrounding the on-going process of life. As a fine artists Este works primarily as a colourist painter and the concept of domesticity. Vintage household objects, simplified plant and natural forms inform her still life and landscape paintings. Este distort and simplify recognisable everyday objects by including working methods such as the use of lines, complimentary colours and layering of paint and by a variety of scraping techniques. Este exhibits in the UK and abroad on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Her paintings and sculptures are in public and private collections around the world. Commissions are occasionally undertaken.

Este continues to research new ways to consolidate fine art and contemporary craft techniques in the context of expressive and appropriated art.

Her current art practice also includes sand cast glass and ceramic sculptures as well as jewellery created from repurposed materials and sterling silver. Este lives in a semi rural area in Berkshire with her husband and son Gregor. As an England Arts Council adviser Este facilitate projects in amongst others, schools and corporate environments as part of a creative campaign to promote art in the community.

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