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Emma Prill

"I live in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand on a little peninsular surrounded by water.   

I am a full time artist and art tutor and a Mum to two wonderful children age 15 and 12 and a dog and a horse!

I work with canvas and paint and sculpt from canvas to creative sculptural gardens.  I use every part of the canvas roll, even the frayed edges that are otherwise discarded. These form the centers of my flowers.   I like the idea that my gardens are like an eternal garden or bunch of flowers.. An optimistic view of abundance, growth and fertility in a rapidly changing world. "

Emma Prill (Bachelor of Visual Arts) is living in Tauranga, New Zealand. She exhibits on a national and international scale. Emma paints, creates forms from canvas, assembling compositions to encompass vibrant colours and multi-textural forms.

Emma's work is influenced from her travels. Weaving memories and imagery from flower markets in India, Frangipani trees in the jungle of Sri Lanka and tropical gardens and reefs in Fiji. She also gathers inspiration from the breath-taking beauty of the natural world that surrounds her in New Zealand.

"I stumbled across the flower markets in Madras, Southern India, where the dusty winding alleyways were lined with mountains of flowers. Thousands of orange marigolds and lotus flowers floated in large vessels, glowing like the sunrise. Women wove between each other, choosing flowers for festivals, weddings, births and deaths. The rustling of silk saris moved like a richly coloured painting in motion."

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