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Eliza Piro

For Adelaide based artist, Eliza Piro, a four-month stint in India in 2003 changed her life forever. Previously a ‘sometime’ painter who also dabbled in photography, it was during this inspirational experience on the Indian subcontinent that Eliza decided to devote herself entirely to painting full time.

Arriving home full of new ideas and motivation, Eliza hasn’t put the brush down since and her unique style continues to develop to this day.

Influenced by the rich and colourful tapestries and textiles of India, Eliza’s paintings are bold, lively and beautiful. Predominantly about nature, Eliza’s paintings feature elephants, birds, fish, flowers and trees, comprising a vast array of vibrant colours and patterns.

Her favourite subjects convey messages of hope and happiness. Trees symbolise life while the animals, particularly birds, signify freedom and peace. When these elements are combined together, Eliza’s paintings evoke feelings of optimism and joy.

Eliza’s profile has grown considerably since 2007 when she began to be showcased regularly in galleries across Australia. Her appeal can be attributed to the fact that her artwork suits both contemporary and traditional homes as well as offices and that her magical paintings resonate with a wide audience.

Eliza Piro grew up in South Australia’s Clare Valley and now lives in Adelaide with her husband and three children.

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