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Easter Home Decor Ideas - Pastels

Easter home decor ideas - pastels

Fresh flowers, soft colours, pale pinks, yellows, lots of greens...a real classic...if you like this clean freshness you most probably will like our latest home decor selection. Create your own Spring - themed decoration or buy a small new accessory to brighten up your Spring! Click on the image you want to know more about and you'll be navigated to that shop! Happy Spring!

A medium size ceramic bowl. Hand drawn blue bird family with leaf bowl. Great for a salad or serve up a side dish of vegetables by Catherine Reece.

Identify your plants while adding a touch of color to your herb garden. These are made from porcelain and carefully stamped with text and designs. Finished with tones of our bright glazes by Shandi McConnell

Hand-drawn girl with fimo flowers end with embroidered bird. 'Sewing machine drawing' by LeadannaPatchwork

'Watercolor Lily Wallpaper' Peel and stick wallpaper by Floral Wallpaper

This lovely butler chair would look great anywhere in your bedroom, can then be used as both a clothes valet and vanity chair. It is entirely made of beech wood. We upholstered this beauty with beautiful vintage hand embroidery, a powder pink fabric and double and regular striped piping for a lovely finishing touch. Made by Star Home Studio

Felt Easter Egg decoration by Dusanka Sirse

'RABBIT' original WOOD RELIEF in oak. These solid, hand sized objects are unique creations by LESCHIWELT. The images are hand carved, painted and sanded. They are ideal for hanging on a wall or standing on a shelf, windowsill or any other favourite place…All reliefs work particularly well in groups.

'Bunny' embroidery hoop art by Vanessa Salazar

Art Print Original Watercolor Tulips and Peepers by Natalie Wargin.

'Pale pink tulips are my favorite and here it is, spring at long last, and I have been indulging myself with near weekly bouquets. And since it's spring the peepers are singing in the marsh behind the house pretty much non-stop. When I did the sketch for this painting it was raining and three of the tiny frogs hopped onto the french doors next to my work table. They stuck there on the glass. I love when I get to see them so close up, no larger than a quarter with a gorgeous copper ring around their eyes. I could see their little hearts beating so fast. They begged to be included.'

The image will be centered on heavy weight archival paper with a white border around the art, printed with pigment based inks that capture the colors and details of the original painting. To keep your print in great condition it is important to frame with archival materials (mattes, backing board etc), keep out of direct sunlight, and frame with a UV glass.

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