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Delft - Mood

Delftware or Delft pottery, also known as Delft Blue is a general term now used for Dutch tin-glazed earthenware, a form of faience. Most of it is blue and white pottery, and the city of Delft in the Netherlands was the major centre of production, but the term covers wares with other colours, and made elsewhere. (source and more) Our collection is 'Delft inspired' from Talavera to Azulejo, beautiful ceramics, watercolors, textile works but all with the fantastic blue and white tones. Enjoy! Clicking on the images you'll be navigated to that artist.

Blue Frenchie by Helen Dardik

Ojo de Venado Large Ceremonial necklace by Raychal Eryn

Shawl Quilt Pattern by Briar Hill

'Sailor' linocut by Mariann Johansen-Ellis

Talavera Tiles by Mexican Tiles

'Blue Butterfly' by Rebecca Coulter

Oil and vinegar set by Art & Manufacture

Ceramic bowls by Orit Ben Arie

'Sea Blue' handembroidery kit by Tamar Nahir Yanai

Azulejo Tile style earrings by Elizabeth Anjos

'Blue' by Geninne D Zlatkis

Cobalt Blue Otomi Hand Embroidered lounge chair on Arte Otomi

'Girl with moon lamp, polar bear' by Lucy Campbell


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