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David Hill - Angels On Your Doorstep

David Hill by Folt Bolt

My name Is David Hill.

I am a Scottish artist living in the West of Ireland for many years.

I have worked as an artist for most of my life, but creating these pictures for Angels On Your Doorstep feels like the most meaningful work that I have done in my career.

I really believe that a piece of art can take you places that you couldn't go by yourself. Art can have an energy and a feeling about it that raises us up or reminds us of something profound we have forgotten.

Each of the original Angels On Your Doorstep is made from delicate painted tissue with details added in watercolour pencil and acrylic. I then make a giclee print of the image and then add embellishment in gold or silver leaf.

My dream and ambition has definitely been that my art would bring moments of connection and comfort into people's lives.

It brings me so much joy to make these pictures and I hope some of that joy is carried into the heart of the viewer.

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