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CSIPET BABA by Melinda Lorinc

Have you ever looked at a doll and had the feeling it speaks to you?

The “Csipet Baba” ("Tiny Dolls") dolls are made from wool with needle felt technique. They are not ornaments sitting on shelves but dolls to play with, they are sturdy and washable. Their wire puppet arms and legs can be twisted and moved around. Not two are exactly the same, they all have a unique personality, full of life and warmth.

Their dresses are decorated with eye-catching, reimagined folk art motifs. Tiny wool statues, pieces of art. It is actually not surprising at all, since their maker Melinda Lorincz has a MA degree in Sculpture. After University she turned up in different theatres around Europe as designer, but always felt more comfortable in her own workshop. She has been making these kind of dolls for herself and family for some time...then the brand "Csipet Baba" has been born and been launched in December 2020.

There are many surprises yet to come, which will make the world she has created even more exciting, and so the “mother of the dolls” continues her work motivated and enthusiastic as ever.

Follow Melinda on her Facebook Instagram or contact her via email: csipetb@gmail.com

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