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Claire Ishino

Claire Ishino studied Jewellery Design (and a year of Graphics) at the University of South Australia.

After graduating, she worked as a designer and sales consultant in the jewellery industry before travelling to Japan to teach English for a year. One year in Japan soon extended to eight years and, during that time, she created a range of colourful washi paper and silver jewellery that was exhibited and sold across Japan from Osaka to Tokyo. After becoming a mum, her focus shifted away from jewellery towards

2-dimensional art works and she has continued on this pathway ever since as she loves the ability to introduce so many colours into her designs.

Claire works from her home-studio in Adelaide producing original gouache or acrylic paintings and black and white ink drawings as well as Limited Edition archival reproductions of the original art works printed on Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper. Her work is inspired by Australian natives and other botanic forms, thoughts, emotions and her love of colour, repetition and pattern; she often uses flowers and leaves as visual metaphors to express thoughts and words or to convey messages. Her style is clean and graphic with crisp edges between colours and small details reflective of her background in jewellery.

She draws and paints almost every day and strives to create joyful pieces of work that lift your spirits and fill your home and heart with happiness.  

Claire exhibits and sells her work through local shops and galleries and enjoys popping up at design events such as Bowerbird and The Finders Keepers. Her work has recently been licensed to Earth Greetings for use on stationery and greeting cards and her illustrations appear on the the 23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin and Jim Barry's Annabelle's Rose labels.

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