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Chantal Larocque - PAPER AND PEONY

My name is Chantal, I'm THE french paper flower designer! I specialized in creating Custom Paper Floral Arrangement for weddings, special events, décor and also for Marketing and Advertising Agencies from around the world.

My passion for the art of sculpting paper flowers started when I finally realized that "life was too short to pretend to be happy". I change my life over...By doing that, I needed to express my new found happiness and what better way than reaching out into my creative side! My love and passion for paper art was revealed! At that point, there were NO turning back.

I'm now a fulfilled paper flower artist, loving every project I get to work on! I love Love, I appreciate Beauty and there is no such thing as too much Sparkle! Making paper flowers has become some kind of mission to embellish people's lives and spaces...Flowers make smiles...and my paper blooms last forever...Imagine...Millions of "forever" smiles around the world!

I enjoy working closely with my clients, bring to life their vision they have for their special day or project is something I take delight in! I love a good challenge and with paper...really, the sky is the limit!

Visit my social medias to view what my art is all about!

Find more about Chantal on her:

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