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Bra Wires into Boho Necklaces

Well, don't be so surprised because this isn't anything new. Back in 2011 I met two wires which led a sad, dull and secluded life, confined to the silky walls of a lace brassiere. They always dreamed of having a more fulfilled life, one full with excitement and the joys of the fashion world, but alas! They weren't destined for anything bigger and it wasn't until I heard their desperate whisper that I decided to use my seam reaper and let them free.... and the rest is history.

But seriously. Back then, I got engulfed by the idea of repurposing bra wires and it even ended up in a magazine, so I decided to give the idea a new twist this time, hoping it will turn into something tangible, and it did.

How it all started? Well, I have always hated wearing underwired brassieres because I simply cannot endure the constant probing and prodding and I didn't need my OB to tell me they are major causes for numerous problems in women, so as soon as I buy them, the wires get out. And as I hate throwing away a good piece of wire (one can never know what one can do with it!) I came up with the idea of turning them into necklaces.

The crochet instructions are up there in the first link, while for these two I used a different technique which is quite simple, so anyone can do it.


* (preferably) brassier underwire

* crochet yarn / thread

* lots of beads (any shapes, sizes), tassels, ribbons.... whatever suits your fancy

* metal chain, jump rings, clasps

* (silicone glue)


Wrap each wire separately, tying a little knot at the ends and leave a long tail. When both are wrapped, apply glue and wrap the tails over the glued part.

For the purple/pink/orange one I used a big holed bead so, the place where the wrap ended had to be chunkier to fit / fill the hole and I also added glue to the bead itself to make the construction more stable.

ALSO, if you plan on adding beads on the wire, this should be done before gluing. For this particular necklace I only decorated the lower wire by attaching beaded pins and tassels. I added (wrapped) metal caps to hide the chunky part that still peeked. On the ends I put clasps and joined it to bigger jump rings and a metal chain.

For the green necklace, I did the wrapping the same with the second tail being much longer which I used to wrap around both wires, but before that, I added some beads onto the wires, so first I suggest you have a design ready for this. I "closed" the necklace the same as I did the pink one.

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