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Blythe Scott

'Originally from Scotland, I now live in sunny Victoria BC Canada. Since graduating in the early 90's from both Glasgow School of Art and Strathclyde University, I have been working as a professional mixed media artist.

My work is about place. I am curious about places I have never been and nostalgic about those I know well. The dynamism, the movement and the sensations of a place are what I wish to convey and so my pieces are emotional responses to subject matter rather than literal interpretations. A personal connection to a place is what informs the energy of my line, the elimination or emphasis of detail and the subjective colour that I use.

Rarely content to use only one medium, I have always enjoyed the inventive process of mixing materials. Just as a linguist may blend words from different languages to best expressive himself, a mixed media artist hopes to make a stronger and richer statement by mixing materials and techniques. It is important to me to have a strong technical understanding but it is equally important to me to challenge convention.

Colour and surface qualities that interact with light add life to a 2D surface. However, it is ultimately drawing that is my anchor for expression and communication. For me, conviction of line and a wide repertoire of mark-making add more emotional content to my pieces than any other visual element. Each journey and each painting informs the next. I see painting as an endless debate and development of ideas. Therefore, even although I work in themed collections, I will often go full circle and revisit subject matter. When I do this though, I am bringing my changed self to an older context to produce something new.

Above all, I would like to present places in an an optimistic light, convey joy and share my experience of finding beauty in the world.'

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