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Bea Roberts

Plaited Horns by Bea Roberts

I am a mixed media artist from Nottingham in the UK, creating bold, quirky artwork, which sometimes verges on the surreal. I work from imagination and intuition, creating strange people and weird animals. I also paint a lot of women and find myself making feminist statements in some of my artworks. I virtually always work in mixed media - acrylic paint, collage, watercolour paint, drawing pens, inks and using found objects. I feel you get a freshness, and extra energy when you work in different mediums together. Although I can be very prolific, I do work in 'fits and starts', when I work like a mad woman for a few months, creating lots of artworks, and then not painting at all for a few more months. I probably poop myself out with the frenetic creativity! I always come back to making more artworks though.

My art style also seems to jump around - I have never particularly followed the path of being known for just one art style, although I think I generally fit into the 'outsider art' genre. One day I may want to make some collages using found objects or vintage papers, the next I might feel the need to do some illustrating, or precise watercolours. I have more or less always been a 'self representing' artist, working outside of the retail gallery world selling straight to customers. , therefore I have just, more or less, 'done my own thing' and people seem to like it.

I have selling my artwork online, seriously, since around 2000 and my artworks hang in people's homes all over the globe. I have also had artworks bought for the sets of several TV and film productions.


'Two Neck Creature'

'Big Collar'

'Family Ties'

'Creepy Guy'

'Water Snakes 1'

'Thought Process'

'Fuzzy Hair Girls'

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