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Barakee Pottery

My name is Ruth and I'm the maker of Barakee Pottery.

Barakee (barra-kee) is an Aboriginal term, meaning place of stone.

My studio is located in Glenorie which is in the rural area of Sydney, Australia. It is surrounded by bush and there is plenty of wildlife around here.  Wallabies, echidnas, pythons, goannas and families of deer are all regular visitors!

I've been making pottery for about 12 years now and I really enjoy making rustic style pieces that have a handmade feel about them. Functional pieces such as plates, bowls and cups, as well as pieces for the garden are my favourite things to make.  The beauty of ceramics is that its possible to create artworks that can be used and treasured on a daily basis.  If ceramic pieces are cared for properly they can last thousands of years or more!  Just think of all the primitive artefacts that are dug up by archaeologists.

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