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Atelier AB Carving

My name is Angel Boraliev a carving master from Bulgaria. After years of searching of the real inspiration of creating beauty with my own hands, I found the right direction. Working as a cook in a small restaurant with the most awful owner ever I had, I tried to break the daily routine. I started my first tries to carve fruits and vegetables. I was totally impressed by the dexterity, the skills, the technique needed, even the carving tools used for creating a piece of art from a watermelon or an apple, or a turnip! Nowhere else seen but on Youtube!

I had some tries it was a disaster. But I’m tenacious. I found that to carve fruits and vegetables is the thing that was calming me down and was easing my nerves. 6 Months later I was appointed as a carving decorator and started to work that’s what I love.

Atelier AB Carving

4 years ago I started a new project – soap carving.

The fruits and vegetables weren’t enough for me.

It looks similar but it’s quite different. It took some time to find the right proportions, soap base and to learn different techniques.

Now I know how to make soaps, to carve it and to arrange it in beautiful boxes, made by me as well.

Atelier AB Carving

By now I'm trying to promote the carving art in Bulgaria, Europe, around the world.... to make the people see the beauty and the art in the ordinary simple things like fruits, soaps... to make them smile.

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