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AT Ceramica

Agnieszka and Tomasz - ATceramica.

"We live on the Baltic Sea in Poland. For several years, we have been creating our colorful world by making ceramic houses, cats and pigs. Tomek paints pictures from time to time. They are embedded in old window frames. We look for these unique window frames ourselves in abandoned houses or in people who want to get rid of them.

To create mini-towns, we use wood that we collect from nearby beaches. Tomek processes the wood, cuts it and grinds it. On these prepared wooden pieces, I arrange the houses, transforming them to unique fairy-tale streets.

Creating is pure pleasure and love to which we fully devote ourselves. Each time we try to make our work one of a kind, that's why everything is made by hand.

When painting ceramics and pictures, we play with colors, we love them. Our goal is to take you into a fairy-tale world the world of childhood and its fond memoriesthrough or work.

Let them bring warmth and love to your heart.! "

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