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Art Nodus by Elena Miklush

"I was born and educated in Minsk, Belarus, now I live in Moscow, Russia. Married, with two sons.

It all starts with an idea. This may be an unexpected color combination, an element, a something, which is gradually being added to other details. No need to interfere in the process, everything goes on by itself, almost independently of you. You just have to "listen". All the elements of weaving, stones and beads are alive, they can find their place in an adornment, and if you “listen” right, the work will be pleasing to the eye...

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

I got my first macrame lessons as a child from my grandmother, but we haven't woven traditional "owls" or plant hanger, preferring bags, belts and pendants. I still have in mind a clear picture of weaving - thick long cords, a long preparatory work. It was rather boring.

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

25 years later I stumbled upon photos of micro-macrame works. Realizing that there was macrame weaving in front of me, I buried myself in books, and remembered everything that had once learned from my grandmother. The process involved me deeply, moreover these days the materials have become more interesting and varied, respectively, and the result is sometimes unexpected. I have tried many types of threads and today prefer bright polyester. It is not easy to tie knots on synthetic thread, but jewelry is pleasant to touch and have a silky sheen, which, of course, affect the final look of a jewelry piece.

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

I make jewelry mostly for exhibitions, trying, however, that they were not fanciful and could be really wearable. Typically, when I'm working on an item, I imagine quite certain outfit and a clear image and person I create a piece of jewelry for. Almost all of my works are one-of-a-kind.

Art Nodus on Folt Bolt

With my works I participated successfully in Fashion and Colors Contest and IBA-2016 contest as well as in Annual International exhibitions of Applied Arts in Minsk, Belarus, and Moscow, Russia.

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