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Angie Hughes

I am an artist, tutor and writer living in rural Herefordshire UK.

My ideas and influences float around like butterflies depending on what catches my eye at that moment in time.

I used to live with a poet so text became a large part of my work for a while…I get obsessed with materials sometimes, transfer foils and velvet have been a passion for a few years now.

Plant forms - mainly trees are my interest at the moment but whatever the subject or material I like to have fun and experiment to the ‘enth degree.

I have produced a book called ‘Stitch Cloth Paper and Paint’ published by Search Press and I have written articles for several UK and US magazines. I travel around the UK teaching textile workshops and often venture abroad too.

Find me here:


online workshops




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#embroidery #mixedmediafibreart #unitedkingdom #floral

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